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Yes, It’s Documented:

Over 1/4 MILLION people have used this
extraordinary method of hypnosis...

Top Celebrities have used this unique system of hypnosis...

Motorola® Corporation chose this method of hypnosis
to help its employees stop smoking --

Now... it's your turn!

 Who Else Wants To
Stop Smoking



Without Withdrawal, Anxiety

Weight Gain, or Willpower!

Why not join the
251,741 people who have used
this advanced method of hypnosis -
which uses the power of your
subconscious mind to do the
hard work required to quit smoking -
so that you don't have to.
These folks include...

     Top celebrities... ministers...
judges (see the judge's letter below)... doctors...
     media personalities... Motorola Corporation®...

     employees of IBM® and numerous other blue chip
     companies... as well as regular folks from    
     all walks of life have used this unique -

and guaranteed - method of hypnosis.

Just a few short days from now, you can...

Start My Stop Smoking System At 7 PM,
And STOP SMOKING By 9:24 PM  --
That Very Same Night!

  And you don't just have to take my word for it...

  I'm putting my money where my mouth is
, by standing behind my system with the longest, strongest guarantee for any stop smoking system:

"You Must Be 100% Convinced, Thrilled
And Satisfied With Your Virtually

Instant Stop Smoking Results...

Or Your Money Back"


    That's correct...This unconditional guarantee is NOT just valid for a mere 30 days... or 60 days. Or even 90 days. Or even 180 days.

  You have one complete year - a full 365 days - 12 long months to put my system to the "acid test"...

   the test of life, of
pressure-filled days jam packed with stress --

  the test of having coffee in the morning, of driving in your car, of being surrounded by others who are puffing away in your face, of finishing a meal, of having a drink (if that's something you do). 

  You must be 100% convinced, thrilled and delighted with how easy my hypnosis has made your smoke-free life --

  You must be 100% delighted and amazed by the fact you have no withdrawal, no anxiety, and no weight gain --

   You must be 100% thrilled by how my advanced hypnosis system has done the
"heavy-lifting" for you...

   making quitting as efforless and stressless for you as it was for those folks featured in the documented case studies you are about to see...

  Or I want you to -- no -- take that back --

   I insist
that you send it back at any time during your FULL ONE YEAR NO-RISK TRIAL for a full, prompt, and courteous refund of it's entire purchase price.

  I don't care if the CD's have been been shattered into dozens of broken pieces, or run over by your kid's or grandkid's toys. 

  There will be no questions asked.  
No return authorizations required. No hassles, no quibbles.



  You Still Get To Keep The $20.00 Stop Smoking Bonus I'll Be Giving You As A Special Gift From
Me To You.

   Plus, for a limited time, I am offering you a FREE, $100.00 stop smoking hypnosis private session with me personally...

  by phone, in the rare event that you need additional help.

   So let's face the facts --  

   There's only one way I can afford to offer such a generous, truly unconditional guarantee.

    My stop smoking system works. 

   I invite you to try it -- and see for yourself.

   This way, once and for all, you'll finally have the answer you've been searching for...

   or you'll have your money back.
 Plus a $20.00 cd.

   There's simply no way you can't come out ahead.

From the Desk of Steve Ira Present, M.S., Ch.T
8306 Mills Dr., Suite 195
Miami, FL 33183

Private Line: 1 (305) 662-6800
Toll Free: 1 (800) HELP YES

            (1 (800) 435 -7937

  It doesn't matter how many other methods

have let you down and failed you …

  No matter how long you’ve been smoking

or how much you smoke...

   With my unique – and guaranteed – hypnosis system...

you will stop smoking… in just one session.  

   Without withdrawal, anxiety, or weight gain.

Within the next few minutes, discover:

* how you can unlock the mighty (but hidden) power in your subconscious mind that automatically crushes cravings --and actually makes quitting easy -- see the documented proof below--

*Why cold turkey willpower is doomed to fail (for most all people) --

* undeniable proof that you can be hypnotized --

* hot new state of the art, cutting edge hypnosis techniques-- used with your eyes wide open -- that make quitting easier than you had ever dreamed possible --

* And far more.

order image

    Yes, Dear Friend, I cordially invite you to try the same unique method of hypnosis that’s been used by over 251,741 people - but not until after you've witnessed the startling proof of how this method crushes even the most hard core smoking habit -


    Hypnosis is now widely accepted by many doctors, health professionals, and others in the medical community, with  numerous articles in prestigious scientific journals proving its remarkable results. 

    Hypnosis has been reported about in the New York Times, in Newsweek, and in prestigious medical journals.

  However, if you do not have an open mind, please stop here and close this page.


     Because you are about to discover a new (although it is centuries old) way of getting off cigarettes that challenges the old concept of "no pain, no gain". In fact, in just moments, you'll see rock solid proof that...

  The Old Myth

of "No Pain, No Gain"

Is A Bold Faced Lie!

  With this system, we put the power of hypnosis  -- 

   plus what I call the owner's manual for the human mind, which includes the latest, cutting edge rapid change "technology" -- to work for you.

This Way, Hypnosis

Does The Work -- Not You.

You Won't...

  have to chew any bad tasting, irritating nicotine gum. You won’t go through cold turkey withdrawal… and you won’t substitute food for cigarettes.

  You  see, most all other methods ultimately rely on willpower. They give you some sort of short term crutch... but in reality,  you are left on your own.

  You Get A Craving,

And You Are Supposed

To Fight It Off. But How?

  With other methods, that’s pretty much left up to you to deal with, by yourself.  Then you get another craving… and you try to fight that one off.   And maybe this works… for a short time.

  But time after time, the cravings return… like water torture, gradually wearing down your willpower…

  until finally, you give in to the  overwhelming craving, reach for a cigarette, and light it up.  But  it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Because...

This System Is Different-
It  Doesn’t Depend
On Willpower. Not Even...

one bit.  Instead, it uses the power of hypnosis to eliminate your cravings… your desires… your overwhelming need to smoke. 

   This system doesn’t leave you alone…

* it doesn't leave you stuck with overpowering, impossible to resist urges to smoke.

* it doesn’t require nerves of steel.

* it doesn’t turn you into an irritable, short-tempered person ready to explode at anyone or anything.

   Instead, it unlocks the power of your subconscious mind.  That same power that made you desire… crave… and need to smoke will now stop your cravings dead– on the spot.

   That’s right… no more never ending urges to light one up.

    No more gut-wrenching withdrawal.

    And no more weight gain.


    But I've gotten ahead of myself here... way ahead.
Please allow me to introduce myself. 
My name is Steve Ira Present, M.S., Ch.T.

   I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. 

Additionally, I Am

Board Certified In Hypnosis...

  by 3 different professional certifying organizations, including the largest and longest established one in the country...  the National Guild Of Hypnotists, as well as the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, plus one other (smaller) certifying organization.

    As you saw a few moments ago, my method of hypnosis has been used by over 251,741 individuals... including top celebrities... doctors... Motorola Corporation®... ministers... judges, and people from all walks of life.

     In order to protect their anonymity, my celebrity and public figure clients have understandably asked me not to reveal their identities. Suffice it to say, one of them has sold over 249 Million CD's.

   I've been seen by over 2.1 Million people on TV, while more than 4.2 Million folks have heard about my campaign to "Change The World With Hypnosis" on over 325 radio stations.

    My private line phone number that rings directly at my desk, in case you have any questions while exploring this web page is (305) 662-6800.  And...

If I'm Not In Session With A Client,

I Will Take Your Call...

   and if I am in session, then I will call you back. (Almost always the same day.) 

    I'm not some faceless internet company.

    I'm here to help you... in any way I can. That's why I'm giving you my phone number, and will personally answer your questions if this web site doesn't answer them all for you.

   Helping others is my driving passion... it's why I worked in a prison called the Dade County Stockade for 2 year and 6 months... it's why I helped juvenile first time offenders for an additional
1-1/2 years of my life.

   I invite you to try my unique system of stop smoking hypnosis, when you will discover...

Many Of The Techniques

In My System Are Totally Different

From Any I Have Seen Or Heard

Anywhere Else In My..

  over 2,500 hours of advanced study of the science of hypnosis. 

Plus, Of Course, I Use Some of The More Traditional Hypnosis (and other state of the art rapid change) Techniques.  I Have...

   personally invested over $9,500.00 at last count in my advanced study of the science of hypnosis. I've developed and created unique proprietary methods after working with so many thousands of clients... and discovering what techniques get maximum results in minimum time. 

   For Example, One Of The Techniques I Use

On CD 2 - At 48 Minutes And 20 Seconds Into The CD -

Is A Very Special, Ultra-Powerful Hypnotic Technique...

One That Works Only

If Your Eyes Are Open!

   You'll hear more about this later.

    For now, though, there's a question that most of my clients have:

What Is Hypnosis?  And...

Can I Really Be Hypnotized?


   Hypnosis is (most often) a state of deep relaxation… blissful peace and comfort in which the door to your subconscious mind is open

   Any information that you want “slips right in through the open door”… This is how very deep, long-time habits can be changed in what seems to be an incredibly short time.
Now, many people, perhaps including you, are understandably doubtful that they can be hypnotized.

    The fact is this: All of us (who are not severely mentally retarded or psychotic) can be hypnotized…

Because We Have Been 
Hypnotized Many, Many Times…

    We Just Didn’t Call It Hypnosis. For Example...

   Have you ever driven your car from one location to another… and been so busy thinking, worrying, or planning that you don’t remember how you got there?


    If you don’t remember driving consciously, then who was driving your car?  It certainly wasn’t your cigarette. :)

    Seriously, if your conscious mind wasn’t driving, then it must have been your subconscious that was driving.  Since your subconscious mind was in control, then indeed you were hypnotized. 

    You Just Didn’t Call It Hypnosis.

Or, Have You...

     ever been so absorbed in a TV show, movie, or book that when someone came up behind you, you practically jumped out of your skin? 

   Let's see what's going on here: if your conscious mind was in control, it would have known what was happening … and you wouldn’t have been startled.  So it must have been your subconscious mind that was in charge… meaning… you were in a state of hypnosis… without even knowing it.

   That’s why I’m so sure you can be hypnotized with my stop smoking system… and achieve such powerful, effortless results… in just one quick session.

You Are Awake And

In Complete Control

With My Method Of Hypnosis.

   With my method of hypnosis, you will feel relaxed, calm, and peaceful…

  Perhaps The Deepest Peace And Comfort You Have Felt In

A Long, Long Time.

  But you will still be aware. You will still hear things around you.

  And you will be in complete control at all times.

   It’s just that since the door to your subconscious mind is wide open, any information that you want is accepted as easily as a sponge soaks up  water… and that new information becomes part of your new “programming”…

   the subconscious programming that rules - with an iron fist - how you think and feel about cigarettes and smoking.

    Regarding hypnosis, many people tell me, okay...


I Hear What You're Saying,

But How About Those Stage Shows

Where They Have People Bark Like Dogs

And Quack Like Ducks?


  During a stage show, the performer on stage asks for volunteers.

  Since they know they will be asked to do embarrassing things, anyone who volunteers is “game” for having some fun up on stage. But they are truly in control, and if the performer asked them to do something against their deep values or beliefs, they wouldn’t. 

   Plus, you’ll be experiencing professional hypnosis on my CD's within the privacy of your own home… where all the information given to your subconscious mind is exactly what you want: The information necessary for you to quit smoking without cravings, without withdrawal, without anxiety, and without weight gain. 


   My Method Combines The

Techniques Of Hypnosis With The

Latest, Most Advanced Cutting Edge

Rapid Change Methods…

  plus my own proprietary techniques…developed after working for thousands of hours with so many tens of thousands of smokers. 

 That’s why I’m telling you this: Get ready for a...

Life-Changing, Fun,

Fast Moving 2 Hours and 24 Minutes...

One That Will Rock Your World...
One That Will...

  amaze and delight you… especially afterwards, when you see and feel the virtually instant results, and are transformed into a non-smoker.

That’s Right… Results You Can Feel

Just 2 ½ Hours After You Start My System.

      My system eliminates the connections between cigarettes, smoking, and other parts of your life. It happens automatically, without any effort on your part.  Once you’re done with using the system, you’ll notice one dramatic difference:

You Won't Want To Smoke.



Included Within My System Is

Something I Give You…

Something Very Special…

Something You Will Remember

For The Rest Of Your Life. 

   Of course, it’s not a pill or anything like that.

  It’s just that after working with so many hard core smokers, I found something that dramatically increases the already mighty power of hypnosis… and that’s why I insist on sending it to you in a sealed envelope, not to be opened until the exact moment my CD’s tell you to open it…

  Now, here's why...


You Will Have No Desire, No Urge,

No Craving To Smoke Anymore...

   As you well know, there are certain triggers that automatically make you reach for a cigarette and light it up. 

  Like waking up in the morning, having a cup of coffee, driving your car, after a meal, with a drink (if that’s part of your life), being around others who smoke, feeling pressured, when under stress, etc.


   My System Is Specially Designed

To Eliminate And Wipe Out The

Subconscious Triggers That “Fire Off” Smoking.

  This way, your desire to smoke vanishes.  This way, driving, coffee, finishing a meal, pressure, stress, tension, alcohol, and others smoking around you will no longer be connected to cigarettes and smoking.

   It doesn’t matter if you smoke 2, 3, or 4 packs of cigarettes a day.  This system is designed so that nothing in your life makes you want to smoke again.

 Why Cold Turkey Leaves

You Tense And Irritable

And Feeling Lousy

And Why This System Doesn’t.


  In the past, when you tried to quit cold turkey, or with the patch or gum, you constantly had to fight the urge to smoke. One part of your mind told you “Give me a cigarette, and give it to me now." 

  While another part of you said “No, not now, I’m quitting.”


  These 2 Parts Kept Fighting It Out…

Tearing You Up Inside...

  with you ending up stressed, pressured, feeling wound up like a spring about to unravel.

   Many of clients have told me they became so irritable, so upset that the people who cared the most about them told them to go back to smoking.

   Since this system eliminates your urge to smoke...

You Won’t Be Fighting Yourself,

Or Trying To Fight Off That

    Maddening Craving To Smoke…

  that keeps getting stronger and stronger the more you resist it.

  That’s why you won't snap at loved ones or co-workers.  Because your inner urge to smoke has been eliminated, you’ll remain relaxed, calm, and in control at all times.

  Is it still hard to believe that after all these years of smoking… after all those valiant attempts to quit… the answer is finally here… and just days away? 

Please Feel Free

    To Accept My Risk-Free Offer…

      To Put My System To The Test

  and see for yourself how my unique method of hypnosis turns you into a relaxed, calm non-smoker in just 2 hours and 24 minutes.

  By the way, the reason why it takes that amount of time is this: When I first started helping others quit smoking back in the late 80’s, I was taught that you can help someone quit in just 1 hour. 


What A Bunch Of Hogwash That Was.
After Working With So
Many Thousands Of Smokers...


   … after studying dozens of stop smoking methods for hundreds of hours … I realized that in order to “wipe the slate clean” and turn you into a content, relaxed, and peaceful non-smoker, I need that full 2 and ½ hours to get the job done. 

  That’s why my system comes on 4 CD’s…which obviously costs  me 4 times as much to produce as a single CD.  But I don’t, and won’t, skimp on anything that helps you become a relaxed, non-stressed, peaceful non-smoker.


   That’s Also Why I’ve Added

A Special FREE Bonus Stop Smoking Gift –

From Me To You: 

This Gift Is A Complete

Stop Smoking CD.  It's CD4, And It's...


  a shortened version of my full length system… just in case you ever need reinforcement.

   That's Right...

Virtually Instant "Emergency Help" Is Yours...

And It Takes Just 14 Minutes and 55 Seconds...

From Start To End. 

     It's a $20.00 value - but it's my gift to you at no charge.

     So if you ever need reinforcement, you've got it -- a powerful dose of it -- and it only takes 15 minutes.

    These techniques... this entire system... so carefully created and perfected with so many tens of thousands of smokers is why you won’t become an irritable, mean, nasty person when you quit with my system.

You Won’t Snap At Loved Ones…

Or Get Annoyed With People At Work.


  This system has been specially created to achieve what so many have hoped for, but tragically, have begun to believe was an impossible dream:  a way to quit smoking without withdrawal, without cravings, without anxiety, without willpower and without weight gain.

   Your System Includes 4 CD's...

   plus a fun to read, page turning “stop smoking with hypnosis” instructional and inspirational report (plus the special sealed envelope I mentioned earlier) that, when combined with the CD’s,  document the stop smoking results you’ve seen and much of what has been stated on this web page. The report can be read in under 7 minutes flat.

  By the way... has your craving for a cigarette ever been so strong that you’ve reached into an ashtray and lit up a butt?

   Did you promise yourself that you would quit when cigarettes got to $2.00… and didn't?


   Have You Wondered Why

New Years Resolutions

To Quit Don’t Stick

  and would you like to change those faded resolutions into a new glowing, rock solid reality?

  Yes, you’ll discover the answer to these questions and more during my system.  But now, let’s discover exactly...


  What This System Will Do For You:


  • Discover the secret of how to avoid the dreaded weight gain that happens to so many when they quit with cold turkey willpower (and substitute food for cigarettes) – but not to those who’ve experienced this technique.

  • Give you back full control… so that you can eliminate the thought of a cigarette – in 30 seconds flat.

  • Experience the astounding power of a stop smoking system that works for people who have serious, hard core smoking habits of 40 or 50 years.

  • Never again make a New Year's resolution to quit – and fail.

  • Discover the one, simple yet stunningly powerful secret you must know in order to stay off cigarettes.

  • You’ll be able to be around other smokers – without being tempted or irritated by their smoke.

  • You will be able to relax yourself, without cigarettes – even when you are under constant stress.

  • You will finally have the awesome, life-changing power to say “no” to cigarettes--easily -- without effort, battle or struggle - even at your most vulnerable times

        like waking up... drinking coffee... having a drink (if you do that)... when others are smoking “right in your face”... when under tremendous stress... driving... after meals… and when all the other special “triggers” that instantly make you want to light up occur.

  With This System, There Are No Extra Costs…

No Follow Up Visits…

Just Results You Can Feel

And See In Just 2 Hours And 24 Minutes.


    Imagine… saving over $912.00 this year alone… if you are only smoking one pack a day…

    Picture how good it will feel to wake up in the morning… without that annoying cough…


     Picture yourself having more energy, feeling better than you have in years, living years longer… turning back the  hand of time as your body repairs the damage done by smoking… and you feel and look years younger.


Private Clients Pay

  Many Hundreds Of Dollars

  For Multi-Hour Face To Face

Or Telephone Sessions

To Quit Smoking With Me...


    And when they quit, they consider it the best money they’ve ever spent.

    At $450, this system would be a bargain.   A huge one… because isn’t your health worth 10 times that?  But you won't have to pay $450. Or even $150.  Or even $100.

  For less than the cost of having one cup of premium coffee a day for 3 weeks... for less than the price of 2 months worth of cable (or satellite) TV, for less than the cost of going out to dinner for two and the movies once (or twice, depending on where you live)...


    You Can Finally Kick The Habit

  For Just

    That’s right… freedom from cigarettes… regaining your vim and vigor… improved health… saving close to $1000.00 per year… and so much more … is now just days away.



    So please, feel free to click here now to experience a dramatically different way to quit smoking… without the agonizing suffering of withdrawal… without becoming mean and upset because you have to fight off one urge after another after another…

    Without The Dreaded Weight Gain…

   And remember, you aren’t buying anything today. You are simply agreeing to try my system… to put it to the test… to feel your cravings fade and then totally disappear the same day you use the system.

  You must be 100% thrilled with your effortless stop smoking results --

 you must be 100% thrilled with the craving-free,
withdrawal-free results you experience --

 you must be 100% thrilled with the feeling of total power over cigarettes this system gives you --

 you must love your new life as a non-smoker --

  you must be able to be around others who smoke... without being irritated or tempted by their smoke --

   And if you are not 100% convinced, simply return it at any time within 1 year for a full, prompt, and courteous refund of it’s entire purchase price.  Never a question asked, never a quibble.

 And You Still Get

To Keep The $20.00 Stop Smoking CD

I’ve Included As Your Bonus Gift.

That's How Sure I Am That You'll Love Your System.


   What could be fairer?

   Please don't miss out on this life-changing... proven... stunningly powerful stop smoking system.  Simply click here to fill in the convenient, quick to fill in acceptance form... and in just a few days... you'll be a non-smoker.  Satisfaction 100% guaranteed or your money back.

  Take good care,

 Steve Ira Present

P.S. When you have my system rushed to you today, I'm going to offer you a $100.00 Stop Smoking Free Gift.  One that you can not get anywhere else.

  Your gift is free stop smoking help with me, personally... on the phone, in the unlikely event that you ever want it.

   As you can imagine, my time is getting booked up rather quickly, so if you want to have the option of totally free stop smoking help one to one, click here right now to go to our secure, encrypted, hacker-safe risk free trial form .  I can only guarantee my availability until I'm totally booked up. At which time, I'll take this offer off my web site... and it may be weeks to months until I can make this generous offer again.

  While I don't think you'll ever need it, because my system is so complete and so powerful, isn't it nice to know that you get stop smoking help from one of the world's top experts in the area... and get it for free?

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Stop smoking hypnosis -
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If you need to quit smoking, stop smoking hypnosis and quit smoking hypnosis is an effective method.


















This 2-1/2 Pack A Day, Hard-Core Smoker For 39 Years
Finally Quits Without Withdrawal,
Stress Or Weight Gain.

In Fact, The Power Of This Hypnosis System Caused Him To Lose 7 Pounds
After Quitting Smoking!

  Howard Van Sciver, Vice President for Electronic And Homeland Security Sales (Not affiliated with the US government) from Greenville, South Carolina had this to say after using Steve Ira Present's unique form of hypnosis.

  "I had tried lots of other ways to quit, including other forms of hypnosis. Nothing worked for me.

  One time, I had a $100 bet with my boss to see if I could quit.

  After one week, I was so miserable, so pissed off at the world, so tired of constantly fighting with my cravings to smoke that he (my boss) came into my office, threw a carton of cigarettes on my desk, and said "I'd rather see you at your grave site than living so miserably."

  Cigarettes controlled me, no question about it. 

   Then, after just one session with your hypnosis, Steve, I quit smoking.

  I had none of the withdrawal or cravings I had with other methods.  It was, simply put, painless.

   I didn't change my routine. I still enjoyed my evening drink, I still drove my car, I still talked on the phone. 

  But I had  no desire to light up. Starting about 2 days after I quit with your method, I could take a deep breath.  My body feels better than it has for decades.

   And since I've no desire to substitute anything for a cigarette, I haven't gained a single pound.

   In fact, I've lost 7  pounds.  Your hypnosis has changed my body, improved my health, and overall, the quality of my life. Every part of me thanks you for giving me back my health."

Howard Van Sciver, Greenville, South Carolina

 Each documented case study is on file in our office at 8306 Mills Drive, Suite 195, Miami, Fl. 33183.








It's a miracle, after smoking for 21 years. I've often tried to quit before, but I wasn't able to, until these CDs. I'm not stuffing my face with food, I'm not nervous... and all I had to do was listen.

sharon ss sm

Sharon Emanuel, Georgia


Former 3 pack a day smoker
thought it was a gimmick but
now is so convinced of it's power...

He'd get up in front of
an audience and
tell them how good it is!

  "I thought this was a gimmick. I did not believe that you could do what he said you could. No way!

  I used to get up at 4 am and smoke nearly a pack of cigarettes before I left the house in the morning. 3 packs a day total.

   I had smoked for 15 years. When I tried to quit on my own, I would be super-nervous. Not now.

   I still have the last pack of cigarettes that I ever smoked a cigarette from taped to my ceiling.

  What a great investment of my money! I would get up in front of an audience and I would tell them exactly those words because I believe that much in you, Steve Ira."

 Harvey Liss      Madison, Wisconsin




The 7 critical "insider" questions that let you know - in advance -

which hypnotist's CDs
will get you the best
stop smoking results.


   How long is their guarantee?

   This is the quickest, easiest way to tell if a supposed hypnosis expert believes in their product. 

   If they offer only a 30, 60, or 90 day guarantee, how much faith do they really have in their ability to help you stop smoking?

  And... does their guarantee have conditions? Like it must be returned in good condition? Do you have to call in for a return authorization number?  If so, you should ask yourself, why are they protecting themselves... and not you? You should NOT have to take the risk... they should.

If someone is convinced

they can really help you,

then they'll stand behind their
product for at least 9 months with

  Second: Do you like their voice?

    Does it resonate with you... connecting with you so that you are clear that they are sincere and passionate about their work?

Third very important tip: 

Don't just listen

to their words...

listen to how they speak them.

  If  they are too laid back --

   while at first we might think that's nice for a hypnotist --

   how much time, passion, care and study do you think this laid back person puts into their work, regardless of what they say?

   Just like with doctors, nurses, and teachers... you may now be starting to realize... not all hypnotists are created equal.

Fourth question:

  how easily can you reach them before you try their product?

  Can you dial an 800 # and get them on the phone - instantly -- or within hours or a day at most? 

   Or are they hiding somewhere... afraid to speak to you? Call their number and test them out.  See if you can get them on the phone, or get a quick call back.

   Fifth, will they personally help you if you have a question when using their method? 

Or will you get some "assistant" who really doesn't know the ins and outs of their method?

   Do you want to be treated like that...

  Don't you deserve personal, one to one help from the creator of the system in case you need it?


on their web site--

do they give out a lot of "juicy" information about
how hypnosis works ...

allowing you to skim
the subheadlines all the way down to their guarantee if you are in a rush --

or take your time and dig into the "meat" of what they have to tell you?

 If they don't give out lots of information -- It begs the question: much do they really know?

 And... if they can't get their point across to you on their website --

   How will they posssibly communicate to your subconscious mind in a powerful enough way to get you to overcome decades of smoking 1 - 3 packs a day?

  Here's a judge who quit smoking with my system writing to me (at my previous office address), with his name redacted (blacked out, to protect his confidentiality)


She used this hypnosis with the notion that it would NOT WORK!
But She Had No Desire To Smoke Since Using This System,
No Withdrawal At All,
After Smoking For Over 19 Years.

  Frankly, I used your hypnosis with the notion that it would not work.  After all, I had smoked for over 19 years, and was doubtful that hypnosis could do anything for me. But it did!


   I quit. I haven’t had any desire to smoke, nor any withdrawal symptoms at all.  I’m so glad I used your system. 

  Personally, I think it worked so well because of your deep, soothing voice.  That’s why I recommend your method to anyone who wants to quit smoking.

Camille Jaquillard, Birmingham, Alabama

Medical Doctor From Fenton Medical Center, Michigan Asked For More Information About This Method Of Hypnosis, and Said...

  "I have had several patients that have used your hypnosis methods and spoken highly of them."

 James Martin, M.D.

 The Special Item You Gave Me Had Such An Effect On Me...


I Never Smoked Another Cigarette
After Your Hypnosis.

I Never Had Any Withdrawal,

Nerves, Or Urges To Smoke.

  I never smoked 1 cigarette after using your hypnosis. 

  I had smoked for 29 years, but your method of hypnosis is so powerful. 

  I still remember the special item you gave me, to this day.

  It had such an effect on me – your whole hypnosis system is  a Godsend.  I never felt any withdrawal, or nerves, or urges to smoke. I don’t even think about smoking, after smoking for so many years.


   I never thought I could be hypnotized, because I’m so strong willed.

  But I am so very thankful I was, and that your method worked so well. I feel so much better. I’m over 60, and I ride my bike 10 miles once or twice daily. I stay active, and feel so well, physically. I thank you, Steve Ira. From the bottom of my heart. 

 Mary Hogan, Chicago, Illinois

Your Method Is Great. It Really Works. I Will Continue To Recommend It To Others.

  "After 24 years of smoking, I quit.

  It was much easier than the other ways I have tried to quit.  I will continue to recommend your system to anyone who wants to quit. Your method is great!!!"

Lenny Tempelman, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida



I Never Wanted To Smoke Again, After Smoking 
2-1/2 Packs A Day For 43 Years!

  "After using your system, I never wanted a cigarette again, despite having smoked 2 ½ packs a day for 43 years.

    I didn't even want to quit, but whatever you did, it sure worked. It does’t bother me, when I’m out for a drink, and someone lights up, I feel no desire, nor do I feel like telling them to put their cigarette out. 

   It couldn’t have been easier.  All I can say is, thank God, it worked.  Thanks to you."

Lee Hollibaugh, Atlanta, Georgia






After 20 Years Of Smoking, Finally Something

Worked For Her


  "I was really skeptical, but it worked, even after 20 years of smoking.

  All thanks to you, Steve Ira.  I had no weight gain, no nicotine withdrawal, and none of the other things I had been afraid of before. 

   I believe your method is a wonderful way to kick the habit."

Vicki Hagendorf, Magazine Writer, West Palm Beach, Florida



2-1/2 pack a day smoker
didn't think she could be hypnotized, and deep down didn't think it would work. But she ended up amazed...
and delighted.

      I started smoking when I was 16, and had smoked for 25 years. I was up to 2-1/2 packs a day before I quit with Steve's method.

   I had been trying on my own for about 6 months, and it wasn't working. I was so grumpy.

  Now, I'm doing fantastic. I didn't have any cravings afterwards. It was actually easy. And, my daughter quit with Steve's method also.

  Thank you so much!

Ann Morbado      Flint, Michigan