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The Steve Ira Present Stop Smoking Method


From the Desk of Steve Ira Present, M.S., Ch.T
8306 Mills Dr., Suite 195
Miami, FL 33183

Private Line: 1 (305) 662-6800
Toll Free: 1 (800) HELP YES

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Yes, Dear Friend, I cordially invite you to try the same unique method of hypnosis that’s been used by over 1/4 Million people (that's 251,741 people to be exact)...

However if you do not have an open mind, please close this page now, and go visit another site that offers the "same old, same old" stuff.

Because you are about to discover a new, yet one century old, way of quitting smoking:

   One that flatly says:

   "Stop Trying. Stop using willpower! And... Stop Blaming Yourself for having weak willpower!".

   Instead, when you decide to quit, simply lie down, and like 1/4 million other folks...

Let my hypnosis do all the work for you. This way,

You Won't...

  have to use willpower, and fight off one craving after another. You won’t go through cold turkey withdrawal… and you won’t substitute food for cigarettes.

  You  see, most all other methods ultimately rely on willpower. They give you some sort of short term crutch... but in reality,  you are left on your own.

  You Get A Craving,

And You Are Supposed

To Fight It Off. But How?

  With other methods, that’s up to you to deal with, by yourself. So you have to suffer. Big time.

   One craving, after another, only to be followed by another. So maybe you stick something in your mouth, maybe you distract your mind and body somehow.

  But sadly, the cravings return… like water torture, drop by drop, or in your case, craving by craving, wearing down your resistance…

  until finally, your willpower cracks!

  Then, you give in to the  overwhelming craving, by reaching for a cigarette, and lighting it up.  Feeling both good, and guilty, at the same time.

  But  it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Because...

This System Is Different- Totally Different!

It  Does Not Depend
On Willpower. Not Even...

one bit.  Instead, it uses the power of hypnosis - and your subconscious mind - to eliminate your cravings… your desires… your overwhelming need to smoke. 

  Please let me explain the power my methods use. Powers hidden deep inside you. Powers so strong, they get results when All other methods fail.

  You see, there is a part of your mind that connects cigarettes and smoking with waking up, driving, drinking, meals... and all your triggers.

   This part of you is called your subconscious mind.

   My unique, and copyrighted, stop smoking system powerfully, yet gently, reprograms your subconscious mind.

   How? By using my TBT technique, plus 46 other methods.

   You see, as you well know, at one point in your life, waking up, drinking or smelling coffee, the car, the phone, and all your other triggers had nothing to do with cigarettes.

  So here's what what my system does for you:

   It Uses Over 47 Different Techniques
To "Vacuum" All The Smoking Information
Out Of Your Subconscious Mind.

All While You Do Nothing...
Except Lie Down And Relax.

This way,

* you don't get stuck with overpowering, impossible to resist urges to smoke.

* you don't need nerves of steel.

* you won't into an irritable, short-tempered person ready to explode at anyone or anything.



    But I've Gotten Ahead Of Myself Here... Way Ahead.
Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself. 
My Name Is Steve Ira Present, M.S., Ch.T.

   I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. 

Additionally, I Am

Board Certified In Hypnosis...

  by 3 different professional certifying organizations, including the largest and longest established one in the country...  the National Guild Of Hypnotists, as well as the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, plus one other (smaller) certifying organization.

Many Of The Techniques

In My System Are Totally Different

From Any I Have Seen Or Heard

Anywhere Else In My..

  over 2,500 hours of advanced study of the science of hypnosis. 

   For Example, One Of The Techniques I Use

On CD 2 - At 48 Minutes And 20 Seconds Into The CD -
Is A Very Special, Ultra-Powerful Hypnotic Technique...

One That Works Only If Your Eyes Are Open!

Finally… Results You Can Feel

Just 2 ½ Hours After You Start My System.

   No more cravings. No more triggers. No more urge to smoke after a meal, with a drink, with coffee, when driving. No more urges -- anytime!

  It doesn’t matter if you smoke 1, 2, 3, or 4 packs of cigarettes a day.  This system is designed so that nothing in your life makes you want to smoke again.

   In fact, this system is so powerful, you can even be around other smokers... and their smoke won't tempt you... and it won't bother you!


Included Within My System Is

Something I Give You…

Something Very Special…

Something You Will Remember For The Rest Of Your Life. 


   Of course, it’s not a pill or anything like that.

  It’s just that after working with so many hard core smokers, I found something that dramatically increases the mighty power of hypnosis…

  and that’s why I insist on sending it to you in a sealed envelope, not to be opened until the exact moment my CD’s tell you to open it. It will astonish you, and it's instant (and lasting) effects will delight you.